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EXCITING NEWS!!!! Updated 9/29/2020

We are OPEN!!!!!  What's new when you come to see us 

  • COVID 19 screening prior to entering the building
  • FACEBOOK- please like our page and watch Dr. Maxson's live video for what to expect when you visit
  • WEAR YOUR MASK when entering the building
  • NO GUEST VISITORS: Only patient's receiving care are allowed in the building (unless accompanying a minor)
  • TEMPERATURE CHECK at entrance 
  • OFFICE TEMPERATURE is cooler than normal. All the extra PPE is making staff hot. Bring a sweater

IMPORTANT: To ensure we are creating a safe environment, we are asking patients to use cell phones to communicate with us upon arrival. Chelsey and Jessica will text/call you to let you know when you may enter the building. Please DO NOT opt out of texting and be sure that your cell phone number is on record with us.  If you do not have a cell phone be sure we are aware of that the day prior to your appointment and we can make other accommodations to complete the necessary screening to enter our dental home.

Announcement from Dr. Maxson

To my valued patients and friends,

We are in unprecedented times and the world seems to be flipped upside down.  A worldwide pandemic has forced many of us to shut our lives down for months.  Injustices have led to protesting throughout our country and the world.  Necessary changes are in store that I hope will start the healing of humanity and the planet.  I hope we do not return to the way it used to be, rather lean into the possibilities of what could be.  I would like to tell you how I have grown and changes I am making here in our office.

                During our shut down, I had the opportunity to slow my life down.  On April 21st I walked 31 miles from my home in Haslett to my mother’s home in Rives Junction.  It took me 8 hours and 9 minutes!  It gave me a chance to clear my mind, my heart, and take in the world around me.  I saw more clearly my past, my present, and my possibilities for the future. I decided that I must live and practice according to my values and to make it intentional.  As times change, we all must reevaluate ourselves, our values, and our lives. 

Times are changing in dentistry.  Keeping our patients and staff safe looks vastly different now compared to Pre-Covid 19.  A few of the changes we have invested in are:

·         We purchased new surgically clean and medical grade air purifiers for our treatment rooms which remove chemicals, toxins, germs, odors and kills airborne viruses.    

·         We have added the medically tested and FDA approved N95 and KN95 masks under our normal surgical masks.  Also, 3 types of face shields and antimicrobial water resistant scrubs which are laundered daily.

·         We purchased two styles of hands-free high volume evacuation systems for intraoral use during procedures that generate aerosols. 

·         We have always attempted to allow for a generous amount of time in our schedule to be meticulous in our dentistry and to assure you never feel rushed. We have now extended the time allocated for each patient as well as time between patients to further ensure your safety.

All this adds new costs to our practice.  In addition, our traditional PPE supply costs have gone up almost 50% in 3 months.  We recently received a letter from Delta Dental insurance company informing us that there would not be an increase to our reimbursement rates for care or for additional costs required to keep you safe.  I cannot remember the last time Delta Dental raised their reimbursement rates to adjust for the rising costs to do business.  It has been years.  I think it has been decades since Delta Dental raised annual plan maximums for you, our patients.  The cost of living has risen steadily over decades and the standard of care costs for dentistry have too.  Benefits provided by Delta have not kept up to date with the cost of living.

All of this is very disappointing to me.  I understand that for many of my patients, their dental insurance has been a benefit that has helped them achieve some of their dental goals.  Unfortunately, the help it offers is worth less and less as the years go on.  With the rising costs to provide excellent care to our patients by taking the proper time, using the best materials, choosing the best laboratories, I am being presented a challenge I can no longer ignore. I am determined to continue to provide excellent care for you.  It is my art.  It is my craft.  It is my commitment.

As far as I am concerned, I work for you, not Delta Dental or any insurance company.  My relationship is with you.  My craftsmanship is for you.  My service is for your benefit.  Until now, I have been a participating “provider” in network for Delta Dental.  That must change.  They clearly are not interested in helping reimburse for the rising costs to do quality dental care and to meet the new safety standards.  I have discovered I can no longer be in network with Delta Dental given the restrictions that it places on my ability to provide the level of care I believe you deserve and that you have come to expect from this practice 

Beginning August 10, 2020 we will no longer be “in network” with Delta Dental.

What does this mean for you?

* You can remain a patient in our practice and still take advantage of your Delta Dental benefit

* We will continue to file your claims with Delta Dental as you are accustomed to.

* We will ask you to pay the full fee for services we provide.  Delta Dental will reimburse you the covered amount directly, usually within a couple of weeks.

* We will continue to help you get the maximum benefits from your insurance plan.

* Our fees are not increasing, although to varying degrees your out of pocket costs probably will, depending on your plan and the service provided.

* We will still submit Pre-treatment estimates to help you understand our fee, the covered amount to be sent to you by Delta Dental, and the remaining amount that you will be responsible for.  We want you to be fully informed before entering into any treatment.

We will make this a smooth transition for you. We have uploaded videos for you on our website ( which go into more detail on what this change means for you as well as a deeper look into me, my practice, my philosophy, and my team.  I hope you will watch the videos.  I encourage you to pick up the phone and call to talk with Chelsey or Jessica about any questions you may have or how the changes we are making will affect you.  They can help you sort through the range of options available to you for dental plans. They can translate the often confusing insurance language of various plans and help you figure out how your plan might meet your needs. You are important to us. Your dental health is important to us.

We are here for you.  We are here to help.                                                              

For more perspective watch my video’s on Facebook (Maxson Dental) or YouTube channel (Dr. Gregory Maxson)


Dr. Gregory M. Maxson  


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